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Rush FAQ
What is rush?
The term "rush" is another term for new membership recruitment. It is a great way to learn more about Kappa Sigma and the Greek Community at Iowa State. During rush, you will have the opportunity to meet the Kappa Sigma members and ask any questions to determine if Kappa Sigma is right for you.
How does the process work?
First, contact one of the rush chairs and to arrange a meeting.
Through recruitment events, house visits, and spending time with the members, you can become acquainted with the Fraternity and see what it has to offer. After a period of time, if friendship exists, and the Fraternity believes that there would be mutual benefit from your association, you would possibly receive a "bid," which is a formal invitation to pledge the Fraternity. After accepting the bid, you would then become a Pledge of the organization and spend a pledge period learning the history of the organization and getting to know its members.
What is a pledge and the pledge period, is it demeaning?
A Pledge is an associate member of a fraternity. It is a term used to differentiate between someone who has attained full membership in the Fraternity. It is by no means demeaning. All members, regardless of membership status, share in the cleaning and day-to-day maintenance of the chapter house. Pledges work alongside Brothers in this regard.
At Kappa Sigma, the pledge period is no more than 60 days. During that time, Pledges learn about the history of Kappa Sigma, the chapter, and Iowa State. It is a time when the Pledge can get a feel for whether the Fraternity is right for them.
Beyond the pledge period, what do I have to do to become a Brother?
A Pledge must attain a minimum semester GPA of 2.75 and must successfully complete the pledge program in order to be considered. Beyond that, if the chapter and Pledge mutually agree that continued association would be beneficial, the Pledge may be invited to Initiate into the Fraternity.
Is there hazing in Kappa Sigma?
There is no hazing in Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma headquarters, Iowa State University, and state law prohibit it. Each member, regardless of membership status signs a document agreeing not participate in hazing.
Do I have to live in the chapter house?
The chapter believes that to fully appreciate everything that the Fraternity has to offer, one must live in the chapter house. It is there that the lifelong friendships are forged and memories created. While there are occasionally out of house members, particularly if the recruit joins mid-semester, members are encouraged to live in the chapter house.
What about sleeping arrangements?
The chapter house offers its members separate studying and sleeping rooms. Members have found this to be best arrangement to allow members to sleep and study without disturbing their roommate.
What about costs?
Semester house bills are $3600. This includes room and board with lunch served Monday through Friday and dinner served Monday through Thursday.
Kappa Sigma Headquarters has the following one-time fees:
$45 pledging fee
$150 initiation fee
What other amenities does the chapter house offer?
Free wireless high speed internet, big-screen satellite tv, onsite coin operated laundry, 24 hours open kitchen, game room, 24 parking spots, and air conditioning in study and sleep rooms.
Is there any parental involvement?
The chapter invites parents and families to be a part of the Parents Club, which meets yearly during Family Weekend.